Refined for mining.

The mining industry is global, but when it comes to the knowledge, terminology and technical details that are a daily part of exploration, development, operations and mine closure, it is an industry that is unlike any other. Today, the world of mining is fast-paced and there is little time to explain it to consultants who are unfamiliar with how it works.

Refined Substance offers mining companies, consulting firms, and suppliers access to expert advisory services in the areas of project development, contract management and negotiations, peer reviews, commercial risk, and proposal strategy and management.

We also specialize in professional marketing and communications services, in both English and French, for the mining industry, helping our clients to communicate their key messages to important stakeholders and audiences, such as the media, the investment community, the public, senior executives, and employees. With digital communications available 24/7 in today’s wired world, clear, effective communications are more important than ever.